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At Last Hour Hosting there's a plan for you with our Managed Websites, Hosting, and Cloud Services.

Portable Cloud only $31.76/mo.

Our Portable Cloud has 55+ One-Click Apps

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Our Services

Cloud / Serverless

Starting at $31.76/mo.

Our portable cloud service with easy to use interface. Supports any programming language and serverless framework, enabling easy deploy of your apps without lock-in.

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  • Managed hosting for all your apps
  • Upgrade and scale your plan with us a you grow
  • Fully-managed server hosted in Tier III+ Datacenter located in Reykjavic, Iceland
  • Zero KYC required when paying through bitcart or using a virtual card provider.
  • Running on open-source software.
  • Comes with Advanced DDoS filtering up to 1Tbps.

VPS Hosting

Starting at $17.95/mo.

Our bare-metal VPS offering for command-line pros. Enjoy choosing the operating system, free DDoS protection and our other options and tools.

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  • Hosted in secure Tier III+ Datacenter
  • Flexible GUI access
  • Bring your own ISO
  • KVM Hypervisor
  • Comes with Advanced DDoS filtering up to 1Tbps
  • Full data encryption
  • Dedicated IPV6
  • Zero KYC required when paying through bitcart or using virtual card provider

Data Migration

We would love to assist you in migrating your assets over to our systems. Contact us today for a quote.

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Iceland Offshore

High-end virtual servers in a Reykjavík Iceland Tier III+ Datacenter outside the five eyes.

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Romania (Coming soon)

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Finland (Coming soon)

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But Why Use Us?


When you choose Last Hour Hosting, you're not just investing in top-notch hosting services – you're contributing to a higher purpose. We are proud to declare that 100% of our profits are dedicated to reforming technology in the name of Jesus. Your support fuels meaningful change, enabling us to advance technology with a purpose, spreading the Gospel, Christ's love, and compassion. Join us as we seek to keep the Gospel online and uncensored by Satan.

Your Privacy is Important to Us

At Last Hour Hosting, your security and anonymity are our top priorities. Unlike other hosting providers, we don't demand intrusive personal details or identification documents. Your trust is all we need – a valid email address is sufficient to welcome you as our esteemed customer. For enhanced privacy, we recommend utilizing reputable anonymous email forwarding services such as addy.io. Your peace of mind matters, and at Last Hour Hosting, we guarantee a seamless, and private hosting experience tailored exclusively for you.


Start small and dream big. Our hosting solutions are designed to evolve with your aspirations. Whether you begin with a modest VPS hosting account or have ambitions for a large, custom server setup, we are here to scale with you. Our flexible and scalable hosting services ensure that your online presence expands seamlessly as your needs grow. let us empower your journey from humble beginnings to monumental achievements.

Solid Support

We offer a variety of personalized support channels to cater to your specific security requirements. Whether you prefer the Session app, the convenience of your personalized account ticketing dashboard, or the ease of communication through email, we have you covered. Our team is ready to assist you through the channel that best aligns with your preferences, ensuring that you receive unparalleled assistance whenever you need it.

Full Access

We believe in empowering our customers with unparalleled control over their hosting environment. With our VPS plans, you enjoy full root access and kernel control, giving you the freedom to customize your hosting experience according to your unique requirements. This level of access grants you the ability to optimize performance, enhance security, and tailor your hosting setup precisely to your needs.


Rest assured, with Last Hour Hosting, your data is not just secure – it's fortified by cutting-edge solutions and a team of professionals dedicated to your peace of mind.


Last Hour Hosting stands out as a pioneering web hosting platform committed to the extensive use and support of nearly 100% open source software. We say nearly because we haven't found a way to integrate fiat currency yet. This dedication ensures that we remain independent, free from third-party control. By harnessing the independence of open source solutions, we provide you with unparalleled hosting services, marked by innovation, flexibility, and the absence of external constraints.

Censorship Resistant

We've meticulously crafted our platform from scratch, ensuring unparalleled censorship resistance. Our robust infrastructure is designed to withstand attempts at restriction, standing as a beacon of resistance against adversities. In the final hour, when challenges arise, trust us to be your steadfast ally, resilient against attempts to compromise our values. Together, we stand strong against adversity, upholding our commitment to unwavering freedom in Christ.

Supported Payments

Cryptocurrencies Recommended

We recommend you use crypto to gain full anonymity. We currently support payments with cryptocurrencies such as: Monero, Bitcoin LN, Etherium.

Fiat Currencies

We fully support payments from all major credit card providers with Stripe as our payment processor. As well as direct bank transfers from UK, US, EU and PL bank accounts. It is recommended to utilize a virtual card service to preserve anonymity with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required for the sign-up process?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we respect it by not requiring any personal information or identification. All you need is a valid email address, which will serve as our primary means of communication with you. This ensures convenient and secure interactions at your convenience.

Is it possible to remove my account if it's no longer needed?

Definitely. As per the GDPR guidelines, you have the right to ask for the deletion of your personal data at any time. We fully respect this right and will promptly erase all your personal information from our system upon your request.

Do I pay in advance?

Our services operate on a prepaid basis, staying active throughout the duration covered by your payment. You have the freedom to cancel your service at any time by not covering upcoming bills. This flexibility allows you to manage your services according to your needs, without being bound by long-term commitments.

What does it mean that you're Open-Source?

At Last Hour we support and use open-source software. This means that we're not beholden to third-parties if they disagree with our statement of faith or desire to silence us.

Is there any type of software/service that Last Hour will not host?

As a Christian web hosting company, Last Hour Hosting does not allow, under any circumstances, the following:

  • Defamation or mockery of Jesus Christ or the Gospel message
  • Malicious activities
  • Any activity related to spam (relays, sites, links, proxies)
  • Netscan/Portscan activities
  • Adult content
  • DDoS origination of any kind
  • Malware distribution
  • Hacking attempts (e.g., SQL injection attacks, remote code execution)
  • Operating or participating in a botnet
  • Doorway pages
  • Carding activities
  • Phishing, scams, or impersonation platforms for stealing information/money (e.g., credit card, password scam sites, fake cryptocurrency exchanges)
  • Impersonation platforms (e.g., eBay, PayPal, or any other known institutions)
  • Illegal and harmful content (e.g., child pornography, selling pharmaceuticals without a license)
  • Sharing or distributing materials related to terrorism
  • Doxxing: revealing or sharing personal and private information without consent (privacy violation)
  • Server abuse
  • Chia mining on our services.

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